This is by way of a plea sent out to any fans of folk, roots and acoustic music. My old mate Mike Harding broadcasts his terrific “The Mike Harding Folk Show” every Sunday at 5pm UK time over the internet. It’s a truly great eclectic mix of music from around the world with a natural leaning to the British scene. All Expats who love great music could do a lot worse than download his podcasts.

Mike put out a request on his Facebook page this week and I would crave your indulge as I offer him some support.

Here are links to his Facebook page and more importantly his podcasts:

Mike Harding

On his page Mike wrote:

This is a huge ask - but “the shy bairn gets nae porridge…”
The letter below was posted to the “Guestbook” page of the Folk Show website and shows how so few people know of the show’s existence.
We have no money for publicity for the show and for obvious reasons the mainstream media doesn’t mention shows like The Folk Show.
It takes me two full working days at least to make each show - to audition material / work out the running order / record the show / edit and burn it to disc for broadcast - which is fine, I do it because I love the music.
Over almost 3 years of shows donations have just about covered the cost of server space / PO Box hire / Licences / buying CDs / editing software etc - so that’s fine.
Together with two other volunteers - Spike and Andrew we run a website with a Folk Music Hall of Fame / Gallery / festival listings etc and the show now goes out live over the airwaves in several countries including Canada, Australia and Ireland via organisations such as Blues and Roots Radio. They too get it for free.
This is the ask.
Please will you share this with as many FB friends as you can and ask them at the same time if they will share it on?
When I was on the road doing stand up my argument was always that if everybody in town knew you were on at the theatre and chose not to come - then that’s fine. If they didn’t know you were on then it rather defeated the purpose of you being there.
So - no pics of my dinner or fluffy kittens just a big ask.

Mike Harding

Here’s the quote…… can find it on the Guestbook on the website
Submitted to the Guestbook on 2015/10/06 at 5:09 pm
Mike Harding continues to broadcast!!! You knew that - I have only just found out. Best news for such a long time. How have you kept it a secret for so long?
Now my problem….catchup.
145 programmes on average 1hr and 10 mins means I shall have to listen for over a week with no sleep, by which time there will be another!!
Brilliant idea. Thank you

I first got into folk music as a teenager. I was a rock fan and used to go to concerts just about every week. I remember seeing Steeleye Span opening up for Jethro Tull at the Free Trade Hall and thought, “What is all this then?” I delved deeper and through The Albion Band and Fairport Convention, a whole new world opened up for me. That I would later have Martin Carthy from Steeleye and Dave Swarbrick from Fairport in my own “The Keith Hancock Band” was beyond my wildest dreams. Touring as a folk musician opened up other genres from all over the world. The Amazing Klezmer tradition, Irish, Scottish and to a lesser extent Welsh traditional music soon started to fill my CD shelves. Then I discovered amazing acts from America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

This love of all kinds of music has stayed with me. I can still get as much enjoyment listening to a old traditional Irish singer as I can listening to The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. It’s a huge musical world out there, get yourself some! Tuning in to Mike’s podcasts might open up a whole new musical world for you too.