Danang Travel Guide


    Use this Danang Travel Guide to find the top places to visit. There are so many things to see and do in Danang. It is situated on Vietnam’s Central Coastal Region just to the South of Hoi An. It is from here that flights arrive from all over the country bringing tourists in to both cities. It’s a pleasant, reasonably quiet place, sitting at the point where the Han River empties into the Eastern Sea.

    What is in our Danang Travel Guide ?

    Danang itself is a busy little town with plenty of attractions and activities.  Bars, restaurants, shopping havens and spa retreats are all here. However in the area surrounding the city there is so much more that can be missed. For example, it is an excellent base from which to visit many of Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These including the Ancient ruins at Hué, the Imperial City at Hoi An and the My Son ruins.

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    As with much of this part of Vietnam’s coast its history dates back to the Champa Kingdom. In modern times during the Vietnam war, it was home to a major American air base, in fact for a while it was the busiest airport in the world. The city is also famous for China Beach, the magnificent 20 mile stretch of white sand, after which the American TV Show was named. The beach was an important rest and recuperation venue for soldiers during the war.

    The Portuguese landed here as early as 1535, at that point in time Hoi An was the more important port. However as the port there began to silt up, Danang’s development began and it was fortunately placed to take over as the region’s best deep sea port. It is now though a major tourism destination. One of the most popular resorts in the country, it has a vibrant nightlife, good hotels and plenty of places in which to eat and drink.

    Please use our Danang Travel Guide to make your stay in the city as good as it can be. Don’t miss out on the many things to do.