Ninh Binh Travel Guide

    Ninh Binh Travel Guide

    This Ninh Binh Travel Guide will assist you in your search for both things to see and things to do in Ninh Binh. This is a city in the province the same name in the north of Vietnam. It sits in the Red River Delta to the south of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. Historically important it was considered of the utmost importance to the French during the Sino French War of 1884. It is an area of outstanding beauty featuring the same types of karst rock formations that have made Halong Bay world famous. In fact the nearby Tam Coc is known as Halong Bay on Land.

    What will you find in this Ninh Binh Travel Guide ?

    We have tried to compile a guide that includes the best destinations, events and activities in Ninh Binh, whilst including top places to visit that are close by. The town itself is a very quiet affair with not much to do at all. This is by no means a nightlife centre, though there are some restaurants and hotels. But in the surrounding areas there are lots of interesting attractions. The Bich Dong Pagoda for example is only 2 miles out of town. It provides interesting views of the whole area. Also close by is the Trang An Grottoes; similar to Tam Coc but possessing many more caves and interesting tunnels. These areas are best viewed in the early morning as tourist buses arrive in large numbers later in the day.

    Local cultures and historical places of interest feature strongly. As do both man made attractions and those provided by nature. There are some good places to eat and drink, including some serving local culinary creations. A local delicacy here, for example, is mountain goat which is eaten with fried rice. Duck features on many menus as does, rather controversially dog. Whether you want to try or avoid, watch out for the words Thit Cho or even a picture of a dog. The whole area has seen an upsurge in backpackers in recent years. There are subsequently plenty of cheap hotels.

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