Sapa Travel Guide


    Use our Sapa Travel Guide to find out about all the things hat this amazing destination has to offer. This is one of the top places to visit for tourists and those living in Vietnam. There are so many things to do and see in Sapa. Let us help you to help yourself. Sapa is a mountain town about 240 miles to the northwest of Hanoi. It is reached by an overnight train from the capital.

    What’s in the Sapa Travel Guide For Me?

    The whole area is packed with attractions, activities and great things to see. You will find them all here.  The main source of economy here now is tourism as thousands come to walk in the hills, taking in the fresh air and viewing the spectacular rice terraces that cling to the hillsides. The Hoang Lien mountains here are actually the southern most tip of the Himalayas. The local  Mount Fansipan is the highest peak in the country at over 10,000 feet. This area is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. Many of the plants and animals are only found in northwestern Vietnam. For this reason, the Hoang Lien Nature Reserve was, in 2006, declared a National Park. The park covers a large area of the mountain range to the immediate south of Sapa, town.

    This whole area is home to many of Vietnam’s ethnic minority tribes and they operate markets in the surrounding countryside. Apart from the Kinh (Viet) people who make up 15% of the local population, there are 5 other main ethnic groups in Sapa. These are Hmong 52%, Dao 25%, Tay 5%, Giay 2% and a very small population of Xa Pho. The town itself is small though recent development in the form of many new hotels is pushing its profile and increasing its size.There are now some really good bars and restaurants, you will not struggle to find good things to eat or drink.

    Sapa is a former frontier town, the trains from Hanoi arrive at the border town of Lao Cai then travellers are ferried in by minibus along quite treacherous roads. A new bus service direct from Halong Bay has recently started running also. Close by there are ethnic markets, providing fascinating shopping tours.

    If you travel to Vietnam take in this amazing destination. The nightlife is laid back but the scenery more than makes up for that. Use our Sapa Travel Guide to find local events and ‘must know’ things.