In Malaysia

Its roots are in the Malay Kingdoms and its thirteen states and three territories are divided into two main landmasses, The Malaysian Peninsula and East Malaysia. The people are 50% Malay, 22% Chinese, 12% Indigenous, 7% Indian and the remainder a mix of other nationalities. Traditionally a Muslim country it also has Buddhists, Christians and Hindus amongst its people.

The capital, Kuala Lumpur is an amazing city that simply never seems to take itself seriously. A wonderful place to visit, the transport here is excellent. The multi coloured monorail running round the city has an almost Disneyland quality to it. The famous Petronas Towers, once the tallest buildings in the world, dominate the skyline and draw millions of visitors. The country has enjoyed an excellent economic record since it gained independence from the UK in 1957. It has become one of the richer nations in the region and has a terrific infrastructure.

Malaysia is home to many customs and festivals and this characteristic presents tourists taking holidays in Malaysia with many opportunities whilst visiting. The climate is tropical and it is worth noting that the monsoons in October through to February can bring significant storms to the east of the country. Being close to the equator it is hot all year round.

The island of Penang is known as the ‘Pearl Of The Orient’ and boasts quite possibly the finest street food in the world. Malaysia really is a tremendous holiday destination and will never disappoint.

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