Phan Thiet Travel Guide


    This Phan Thiet travel guide has been designed to assist in making your visit to the area as good as possible. We want to help you find the very best things to see and do in Phan Thiet. This town just inland from the southern coast of Vietnam has, for years, been the victim of mistaken identity. The nearby seaside town of Mui Ne with its red sand dunes has been quite a draw for tourists. However tourists than began labelling just about everything here as Mui Ne. Phan Thiet stands alone and whilst it is a useful base from which to visit the dunes, in many ways it is a better location. Less touristy and certainly more tranquil. There are good hotels in Phan Thiet and great restaurants, bars and more nightlife in Mui Ne. Many people living in Vietnam, see this as a top place to visit.

    What can you get from our Phan Thiet Travel Guide ?

    Whilst not overrun with exiting attractions, Phan Thiet does have some very special places. As a general rule it is better to stay in Phan Thiet, even if you wish to spend your days in Mui Ne. The hotels are very good here. The 12 miles of sandy beach that stretch from the town down to the Ke Ga Lighthouse will provide as much solitude as you require. Whilst the dunes here don’t match the Mui Ne one’s in stature, they more than equal them for solitude and silence. The locals here when you do see them are not as grasping nor aggressive in their sales techniques. They are more likely to just want to talk.

    Phan Thiet is steeped in history. The town used to be purely a fishing port and that is still in evidence in the small colourful boats tied up in the harbour. However tourism is fast taking over and more and more people come into town in search of that little bit of paradise. No doubt it will one day be a victim of its own success, but for now, enjoy it while you can.

    Use our Phan Thiet Travel Guide to assist in planning your time here and also to make sure you miss nothing whilst you are here. Many tours leave from Ho Chi Minh City and here are some great events here. This destination has enough activities to keep your interest. Plenty of places to eat and drink and good shopping for souvenirs. If you travel to Vietnam take time to visit Phan Thiet.