Cambodia’s Best Islands are really very special indeed. Unlike the more famous islands of Thailand, they are in the main, under developed and in a more natural state. Less people travel to Cambodia than Thailand and whilst the tourist industry is developing quickly, there is still ample opportunities to find solace. Cambodia’s best islands offer some real variety. Whether you want a party atmosphere or a romantic getaway, you will find it here.

Here you’ll find a guide to the best hotels in which to stay and enjoy the islands of Cambodia.

Koh Rong

This is one of the most beautiful island paradises imaginable, it has the stereotypical white sand and blue waters that you see on the posters. Swimming, snorkelling , diving and trekking locations abound. Koh Touch is the central resort and main attraction for holiday makers in search of nightlife, bars and parties. However, move away from this small area and the rest of the island is a quiet paradise.

How to get there:

Ferry trips to the holiday destination of Koh Rong from Sihanoukville take only forty five minutes, on either the 125 seat capacity catamaran “Princess”, or the 35 seat “Fastcat”

Recommended Accommodation:

Paradise Bungalows
Address: Paradise beach, Koh Rong, Kaoh Kong, Cambodia Koh Rong
Delightful wooden villas in the hills overlooking the beach with stunning views and excellent facilities. This is a great place to enjoy peace and quiet, in a stunning setting.
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Coconut Beach Bungalows
Address: Derm Tkov Village, Koh Rong Island, Cambodia
This simple yet tranquil accommodation offers superb opportunity for an enjoyable stay on Koh Rong. A private beach area, features private bedrooms which come equipped with usual facilities including a balcony with seating area and bathrooms. Meanwhile the individual tents near the beach offer access to shared bathroom facilities.
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Whitebeach Bungalows
Address: Koh Touch, Koh Rong, southeast side
If you are looking for a beautiful peaceful place within easy reach of all the action, backpacker bars and party crowd, don’t let this address put you off. It’s the best of both worlds. Far enough from the crowds to get some peace and quiet, close enough to join in when you want. 10 minute walk to the nightlife.
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Koh Rong Sanloem

This is a beautiful island, totally undeveloped and easily accessible, both from Sihanoukville and also its big brother the louder and more developed Koh Rong. The eastern side consists mainly of a bay called Saracen Bay, named after a British ship that landed there years ago. Accommodation here is by way of hotels and bungalows, the sand is delightful, but this is the most developed area. On the western coast there are three beautiful beaches, Lazy Beach and Sunset Beach both have accommodation. Many people regard this as one of Cambodia’s Best islands, if not THE best.

How to get there:

Ferry trips to the island destinations off the coast of Sihanoukville take only forty five minutes, on either the 125 seat capacity catamaran “Princess”, or the 35 seat “Fastcat” These sail to Koh Rong at regular intervals, and call at Saracen Bay and M’Pai Bay on Koh Rong Samloem.

Recommended Accommodation:

Paradise Villas
Address: Saracen Bay Beach, Kaoh Rong, Samoloem Khnong, Cambodia
This resort offers a greater focus on seclusion and privacy. The 60 square-metre villas are made in rustic style with front verandas, set in a tropical landscape. Hand-crafted furniture made from local materials create a beautiful ambiance.
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Saracen Bay Resort
Address: Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem, Sihanoukville, 18000, Cambodia
These comfortable beach bungalows sit on a 3km (2mile) stretch of beautiful white sand beach in Saracen Bay.
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Lazy Beach
Address: West Side of Island, Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia
These beautiful wooden, double-bedded, beach-side bungalows located on a golden

Koh Thmei

This beautiful undeveloped island sits firmly inside Ream National Park and counts monkeys, civets, lizards, the rare fishing cat and more than 100 different species of birds and several threatened species among its residents. For animal lovers this is probably the top choice among Cambodia’s Best islands.

How to get there:

Take a taxi to the fishing village called Koh Kchhang. This is reachable from Phnom Penh or or Sihanoukville. The journey is three times longer from Phnom Penh. The Koh Thmei Resort organises boats from here.

Recommended Accommodation:

Koh Thmei Resort
Address: Koh Thmei Island, Ream, Cambodia
This is really the only place to stay. It is an eco-friendly and solar powered resort of sorts. It consists of 9 simple wooden bungalows. From here you can hike, watch the wildlife, enjoy snorkelling or go sea kayaking. one of the top things to do here is dolphin watching.

Koh Totang

This is just about as deserted as a desert island can get. Seven people live on Koh Totang, making it one of the most isolated and peaceful of all Cambodian island. The Nomads Land resort there is the only place available from which to enjoy this tropical paradise.

How to get there:

This is a very isolated venue check out their travel arrangements here.

Recommended Accommodation:

Nomads Land Cambodia
There is only one place to stay on the island. The Nomads Land resort offers just 5 bungalows in superb settings. This is easily one of the most idyllic island setting imaginable.

Koh Russei

Also known as Bamboo Beach this is a tiny island 40 minutes away from Ochheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville. One of the most undeveloped islands imaginable, it has no roads, no internet and no electricity after mid evening. If you like complete solitude this is one of Cambodia’s Best islands.

How to get there:

Catch the ferry that departs from Ochheuteal Beach at 10:00am and leaves the island at 4:00pm the journey takes roughly 40 minutes.

Recommended Accommodation:

Koh Ru Bungalows
Address: Bamboo Island, Kaoh Russei, Krong Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia

This place is pretty much all there is on the island. It is pleasant enough and offers Dormitories & Bungalows with shared bathrooms.

Koh Ta Kiev

This 28 sq km (11 square mile) island site just 10 km (6 miles) off the coast of Cambodia by Sihanoukville. Ut is a popular day trip destination for holidaymakers staying in Sihanoukville. Not many stay overnight, which is something of a shame as this is a very beautiful island.

According to media reports, a 99-year lease has been granted to a Chinese / Malaysian company who plan to spend US$2-3 billion dollars “developing” it. Local insight suggests that in two years it will be unrecognisable. This is a must-see location, now!

How to get there:

Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia’s Best islands, is just an hour by boat from Sihanoukville. A company called Ten 103 runs a daily longtail boat from Otres Beach. They include a free tuk tuk from downtown Sihanoukville. The boat leaves from the Sunshine Cafe at Otres 1 at 10:00 every morning.

Recommended Accommodation:

Coral Beach
Crusoe Island
Koh Ta Kiev Bungalows