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Welcome to ‘In Southeast Asia’ (Inseasia for short), the starting point for anyone planning a holiday in Southeast Asia or those living here already. Southeast Asia comprises 11 counties in all and relates to the part of the world that sits geographically north of Australia, south of China, east of India and west of New Guinea. However, for the purposes of this website we are not yet including every country. As a starting off point the website will concentrate on the 6 countries that are attracting the most tourists already. Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. As the site develops we will start to include the other countries. We aim to provide useful, interesting and sometimes hopefully humorous content about an area of the world that fascinates and excites in equal measure. Anyone wishing to enjoy a holiday in Southeast Asia, will benefit from the content.

In Southeast Asia, it’s all you’ll ever need

The site started out as Saigon Districts but it soon became obvious that I had pitched it too narrowly. I love the region and travel throughout it constantly, I simply wanted to include the other countries of which a feel so passionate. It is such a diverse region ranging from the aching poverty of rural Thailand to the excessive wealth of one of the world’s richest nations, Singapore. Its people are diverse and include many ethnic minorities, some of whom live out lives, unchanged in centuries. The scenery is in my opinion unequalled, from the best beaches imaginable; to the mountains and the glorious countryside. When you are in Southeast Asia you have everything, in abundance.

The region has many religions, the main ones being Islam, Buddhism and Christianity, though this site is not a platform for religious argument. We value people’s beliefs and respect their stance, but we do not write about religion other than from an historical and cultural standpoint. The many religious temple sites within the region are amongst the most important in the world.

It is worth noting for any traveller to the region that the countries that make up this area have some of the most severe punishments for drug offences in the world. The countries here have a huge drug problem and they tend to handle deal with it in the most draconian terms. Using drugs in Southeast Asia is likely to result in the death penalty, albeit normally commuted for foreigners.

We are constantly on the look out for writing partners to join in with providing content and information on points of interest, we welcome all feed-back and look forward to making many more friends in addition to those made in Vietnam.

Keith Hancock, Owner and main writer for InSeAsia.com