Ke Ga Lighthouse


    The Ke Ga Lighthouse stands tall on the tiny island of Ke Ga or Mui Ke Ga as the locals say, just about an hour away from the small seaside town of Mui Ne, on Vietnam’s south east coast. The island is a delightful little place, tranquil and almost deserted for most of the time. It occupies about 12 acres of the Eastern Sea about 500 yards out from the coast and is surrounded by rocks.

    This is a busy shipping lane and it was this that caused the French colonists to build the lighthouse in 1899. It is the oldest and the tallest remaining lighthouse in Vietnam. The island has little to offer except the Princess D’Annam Resort, dragon fruit orchards and a few small local restaurants, but here lies its charm. This place offers a smashing change of pace from Mui Ne and its jet skis.

    Most people who visit come from the tours that are sold in the many tourist shops in Mui Ne. However, it’s better just to bring your motorbike and ride down the coast. Instead of getting on the ferry, ask a local fisherman to take you out by thung chai a type of coracle. You’ll get a bit wet but it’s a much more interesting thing to do. If you arrive and the tide is out, you can simply walk.

    The lighthouse stands about 200 feet tall and offers superb views along the coast and of the surrounding areas. It is worth climbing the steps inside the stone structure. The light comes from a 2000W bulb brought from France.

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