Tat Wa Lay. One young man’s incredible story

Early in September a piece popped up on Facebook and it caused quite a stir. A young man told of his family’s plight after escaping from Vietnam during the war. They were of course part of a group of people who became known as the Vietnamese boat people. This young man told how his family […]

Just when you think people cannot get any more stupid!


I tried to get home from D1, last night and was met by an unbelievable amount of traffic, both pedestrian and  otherwise.  Nguyen Hué was completely blocked off and all the streets around it were just as bad. Police motor bikes were everywhere and I had to mount the kerb, drive the wrong way down […]

Tourist or Traveller, Debunked


A series of graphics hit the social media today with what I would describe as the most pretentious and snobbish viewpoint on travelling that I have seen in a very long time. They originated from the holidify.com website. This whole idea that being a traveller separates you from other people on the same plane really […]