A series of graphics hit the social media today with what I would describe as the most pretentious and snobbish viewpoint on travelling that I have seen in a very long time. They originated from the holidify.com website. This whole idea that being a traveller separates you from other people on the same plane really gets my goat to be honest. Pulling on a pair of elasticated waisted flower print pants, if you are a dickhead, does not turn you into a traveller; it turns you into a dickhead wearing a pair of elasticated waisted flower print pants. I don’t normally comment on other people’s travel pieces, but some of these are darned right dangerous.
So here is my take on it.

Selfie Stick or Tripod?

Personally I used neither. Selfie sticks are one of the most annoying inventions ever. Whether you are trying to get a photo of an iconic building or your favourite rock band, they are a pain in the arse. Tripods are obviously great for the professional, but not very practical if you are touring through Southeast Asia or the like. For me the best option is a really good compact camera, which isn’t even covered here.

Sleeping Arrangements

Where you choose to sleep depends on your budget and your feelings on personal safety. Telling a young girl for example, travelling alone, that she should be in a hammock under the stars is plain irresponsible. Personally I don’t think you can beat the intimacy of a five star hotel!

Before you go

Not informing relatives where you are heading is bloody dumb. Just ask the guy who had to saw his own arm off to survive, a few years back in the American wilderness. I guess he was just a tourist eh? And try getting on a plane without booking tickets. Who thinks this stuff up?

The high road or the low road

Quite frankly this is just too absurd. You’re in Carlisle and your flight leaves from Heathrow, but hey! don’t touch the M6, M1, M25 or any others. Best stick to the B roads, what nonsense. Some side roads in certain countries are simply not safe.


This obviously depends upon your personal circumstances. If you are travelling as part of a writing assignment you are not going to bring a desk, but obviously a laptop is essential in some circumstances. Saying that maps are better than satellite controlled, hand held devices is pretty stupid.

Local Travel

Hitchhiking a ride on a motorbike? Laughable! Good look, with this in some countries. In some countries taking a taxi is the cheapest and safest method of getting around.

Location and Activities

The places that you choose to visit and the activities in which you choose to take part are your business.Criticising someone who doesn’t want to do a bungy jump or try their hand at paragliding is the most outrageous snobbery. Some people prefer cities to the countryside, grow up and deal with it.

and finally . . . do not travel with others

Quite frankly holding attitudes like some of the ones expressed in these graphics, there is a damned good chance that you won’t have to worry; you’ll be spending a lot of time on your own.

  • David Moller

    This is sickening, the last refuge of one-upmanshippers who cannot afford to be respected in any other field. They resort to this garbage ina vain and transparent attempt to boost their own self -image. Well, I have news for them; you FAILED! One might even posit that the traveller stays longer because he doesn’t have the cash to move on, but let’s not be hypocrites, now. I notice this trend more and more in SE Asia now, especially amongst expats who laugh at the Asian tendency to display wealth ostentatiously and fear loss of face, yet end up doing exactly the same thing. I have more money, I am a better person, blah, blah, blah. Children. Spiteful children. Fin.

  • I think the distinction that is actually being made is ‘package tourist’ versus tourist/traveler. Furthermore, it is a distinction between people vacating for a short time versus a long time… hence budgetary distinctions. http://www.expatseek.com