Great Beer and Food at the New Venue

Well, it took me a while but I finally made it. I went into the new Biacraft in Phu Nhuan for some great beer and food. I have been meaning to get in since it opened its doors in June, but life prevented me. We know what sort of thing to expect from Biacraft. I’ve been a big fan from the start, when they first opened in District 2. This is a new level though. Their District 3 place was a lot bigger than D2, but this is a whole new ball game altogether. 

The view from the second floor along the canal

The new gaff is enormous, covering three floors on Truong Sa, which is of course, the northern bank of the Chieu Loc - Thi Nghe canal. This is one of the nicest parts of Saigon. Since the canal was cleaned up a few years ago, it has developed into a pleasant nice area indeed. On a bright sunny day, upstairs in the al fresco area is a terrific place to sit and either just relax or get some work done. Many of the coffee bars along here have been my offices over the years. I love the Biacraft approach, its just great beer and food, no frills just good value and wonderful tastes.

Bench seats and Murals

Great beer and food

I ordered a “Let’s Get Naked” Wildberry Wheat Beer from Biacraft’s own stable, I really like wheat beers especially at lunchtime and this did not disappoint. It’s a strange almost salmon pink coloured beer that is packed with great flavours whilst remaining light, perfect for daytime drinking. 

“Let’s Get Naked” Wildberry Wheat Beer from Biacraft

They have some amazing lunchtime specials on the food menu and for just VND125,000 I got a cheese toasted sandwich, tomato soup, fries and a soda. Excellent value and great tastes. The toasty was packed with cheesy goodness and was delicious. I can see this becoming a regular place for me to work. The location is superb and this lunchtime menu makes it a win win for me. Including the beer this cost cost VND200,000, great beer and food at extremely reasonable prices. 

Good food at great prices

One slight criticism as far as I am concerned is the severe shortage of power outlets in the al fresco area. I spotted two in what is a very large area. I guess I’ll just have to make sure I get here early to claim one. If you are hesitating in calling in, you should not be put off by the Phu Nhuan address, this is right on the edge of District 1 and is not far away from the city centre. It is a mere 15 minutes drive from Thao Dien. 

This is a terrific new addition to the Biacraft business, I hope it goes from strength to strength. 

Where to Find them

BiaCraft PXL, 300 Trường Sa, Phú Nhuận, Ho Chi Minh City