Just when you think people cannot get any more stupid!

I tried to get home from D1, last night and was met by an unbelievable amount of traffic, both pedestrian and  otherwise.  Nguyen Hué was completely blocked off and all the streets around it were just as bad. Police motor bikes were everywhere and I had to mount the kerb, drive the wrong way down a street and dodge, ridiculous amounts of other road (and footpath) users trying to do the same. What was the reason behind all this? Was it another surprise visit by David Beckham or Angelina Jolie? No, it was because too idiot girls decided to take keyboard warriorship to a whole new level.

Two women? I use the term loosely, tiny tots would seem more appropriate had decided to call each other out on Facebook. Taunts became threats, then became an arranged fight. And incredibly  thousands of people thought it would be worth watching!

If ever there has been a case for Darwinism, actually leading a generation this was it. The utter stupidity of these two girls was more than matched by the stupidity of the people who turned out to watch.

Of course NOTHING happened and nobody lost face. Except in the real world where both these stupid juvenile delinquents BOTH did. This was without doubt the most utterly ridiculous display of moronic behaviour I have witnessed since the advent of the internet.

There is no way in any real life situation that these two  girls would ever receive the attention they got last night. Whether or not they actually turned up remains to be seen. But that this nonsense damaged Vietnam’s reputation, remains unquestioned. I hope their parents when reading about their atrocious behaviour, simply lock them in their bedrooms and treat them like the stupid little children that they are.

In the meantime, I just carried on my way home, in the atrocious traffic, safe in the knowledge that people will actually turn out in their thousands to witness two stupid girls pretending to fight. It took ages to get across Nguyen Hué as people caught up in the mayem caused huge traffic problems.