Cheap Flights to Australia from $99!

Amazing value from Airasia

Cheap flights to Australia are firmly on the agenda.  It looks like there has never been a better time for our Australian friends to come and visit Vietnam, or indeed anyone here to go and visit Australia. First came the news that Jetstar is commencing flights to Australia early this year. No sooner had this news hit the headlines than, as reported exclusively by Inseasia, a source within Vietjet confirmed that they too would be joining in the fun and starting flights between the two countries in 2018.

Amazing value from Airasia

Now comes the news that Air Asia have launched a huge flight sale between no less than four Australian Airports and three destinations in Vietnam. Commencing in May 2017, Air Asia will be flying from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang. All flights are routed with Kuala Lumpur and prices range between as fantastic $AUS $129.00 and AUS $289.00. This works out at an unbelievable starting price of US$99.00

Cheap Flights to Australia as Price War Starts

It looks without a doubt that a price war is starting, and the big winners are, of course, the customers. By having a starting price at under $100 Air Asia have made a massive statement. These are internal flight prices and anyone who fancies a trip out here from Australia or indeed anyone here who fancies a holiday or wants to return home, will find this price more than a little alluring.

Flights are all routed through Kuala Lumpur which is a hassle, but still, this is truly amazing value. In fact, anyone who fancies a few days in the Malaysian capital will be tempted to build that into their travel plans. With some of the best street food in the world and loads to see and do, KL is a great place in which to spend a few days.

So there it is, people. cheap flights to Australia from Ninety Nine dollars, Bondi Beach anyone?

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