The best time to visit Hue in Vietnam is one the temperatures are cool and tourists as fewer. This old capital of the Nguyen Dynasty is situated in the east of the country. It is a fascinating place, its Citadel of Ancient Monuments being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like any other location, certain times of the year offer different things. Here are some of the things that make Hue worth visiting at different times of the year.

The Central Coastal Region in Vietnam enjoys warm weather all year round. Having a tropical climate, Hue enjoys an average annual temperature of 29º Celsius. This whole area only has two real seasons, wet and dry. When it is cold, by Vietnam standards, in the winter periods of November to January, it still is much warmer than in the West. From New Year until the end of March, tourism numbers are at their highest. It is therefore the following months that offer the best time to visit Hue.

The Best time to Visit Hue, for Weather

The Wet Season needs to be taken into account when planning your trip to Hue. From September to January is the monsoon season. This brings very heavy rain and typhoons, particularly in November and December. There is often areas of local flooding. Visitor numbers decrease throughout this time. The Dry Season runs from February to August and the period with the least humidity is between February and May. The weather then is perfect and your trip to the region will be most enjoyable. There will be many long days filled with glorious sunshine. This is the best time to visit Hue.

Check out the InSeAsia Weather Map here.

A big part of Hue’s appeal is of course the Citadel of Ancient Monuments and other temples tombs and pagodas in the area. agreeable weather does make exploration a much nicer experience.

Public holidays can be enjoyable times to enjoy Vietnam, Hue is no exception. Christmas and New Year, although in the rainy season, are always fun times and the city offers an alternative setting to the usual cold and snowy venues.  Check the lunar calendar also as on the 14th day of each lunar month, it is full moon. Hue celebrates with Full Moon Festivals at different times of the year. Some of the beaches in the region host Full Moon Parties every month. Every two years the world famous Hue Festival is held. This really is the best time to visit Hue.

The most important holiday for Vietnamese is Tet, when people pour out of the big cities and return to their home towns to celebrate with their families. A happy time of the year, the Vietnamese make Moon Cakes and enjoy food and drink in their homes.