I’m writing this at the Craft Beer Festival held at Saigon Outcast on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March. This for me is a labour of love, I love the beers, I love Saigon Outcast and I love all the brewers who are taking part. They are genuinely decent people. One of the most positive things to come out of this new craft brewing fraternity is the closeness they have formed and the total lack of professional jealousy. These guys like each other and they like each other’s products, I don’t blame them on either.

As Usual Saigon Outcast succeeded in putting together a tremendous event. The crowds poured in through the doors from the minute they opened up at 2.00pm. All the main breweries were all represented and made the Saigon Craft Beer Festival a huge success.

The 2017 Saigon Craft Beer Festival at Saigon Outcast

There were 11 breweries and 39 beers represented at the Saigon Craft Beer Festival. Just two years ago this would have been unthinkable, such has been the tremendous growth in Craft brewing during that time.

Represented at the Saigon Craft Beer Festival

Winking Seal Beer Company

New kids on the block making a fantastic impression already with great beers served from the taproom at 50 Dang Thi Nhu in the heart of Saigon’s District 1. Great to see Brian and David at the festival this afternoon. The hit the ground running with terrific beers

Fuzzy Logic Beer Company

Already one of the best sellers of all the craft beers in town. Colin and Max have done a great job. They have achieved a consistency that many were desire.

Platinum Brewery

The Compton Brothers were here right from the very start of the craft brewing explosion in Ho Chi Minh City and no craft beer festival would be complete without their attendance.

Heart of Darkness

John Pemberton’s baby came alive about a year ago. His obsession with Joseph Conrad’s book is reflected through all that they do. A larger than life character, John is well known throughout the city.

East West Brewery

If there is beer on the table Steve Gutierrez is never going to be far away. These guys have built an incredible brewpub in the heart of the city.

Tete Beer

Brewers, poetry competition runners, and all round good guys, these chaps are well liked and their beers are well drunk. It was good to meet up with them again, so soon after winning beers in the aforementioned competition.

Check out our video here

Winking Sea:l fantastic beers from one of the newer breweries in town

Phat Rooster

Phat Rooster’s Blonde is a personal favourite, strong contenders among the brewing scene, Mike Sakkers has produced good strong flavoured beers from the get go.

Saigon Cider

Great to see a cider producer among the beers. Hannah Jefferys has built a fantastic reputation in a very short time. It is really great to see a woman right in the midst of a male-dominated industry.

Lac Brewing 

Lucas Jans is “the quiet American” among the brew crew, He has developed great beers and built a fabulous taproom out in District 7, it was great to see him here.

Pasteur Street Brewing Company

One of the first to get into gear here in Ho Chi Minh City, no Craft Beer Festival in Saigon would be complete without their involvement. Mischa Smith is one of the more flamboyant among the guys. A man who is truly working at his passion.

Three on a Bike

Their “Bohemian Bastard” must rank as the beer with the best name! These guys take a fun approach to brewing and have two excellent beers. Nice folks again!

Make sure you don’t miss the fun

The Saigon Craft Beer Festival runs over two days. If you missed it today make sure and drag your arse along tomorrow. Great Venue, Great Beers, and Great people.