Qatar Airways who fly into Saigon, other parts of Asia and around the world had a bomb scare on one of its flights in Manchester this evening. A man on board the plane made the bomb threat which later turned out to a hoax. The plane an Airbus A330-300 was escorted into Manchester Airport by a Typhoon jet fighter from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire. The Qatar flight from Doha, with 282 people on board landed safely and the man was escorted from the plane. This flight is the second leg for many passengers travelling to Manchester from Saigon and Bangkok.

The Typhoon photographed from the window of the Qatar Airbus.

That this sort of thing goes on is a complete mystery to me. How anyone can be so stupid in the light of recent world events is beneath contempt. This lunatics actions caused Manchester Airport to be closed for half and hour, A jet fighter to be scrambled and other flights diverted to Leeds Bradford and Liverpool. People on the ground in Manchester filmed the plane as it went over escorted by the Typhoon. People on board tweeted photos and film as the flight neared the end of its journey.

This kind of mindless act, apparently, the man passed a note to a crew member, saying there was a bomb on board, beggars belief. Thankfully it all ended well and nobody was injured. I have taken this flight quite a few times, many of my friends use it all the time. The man was arrested on board the plane and led away in handcuffs.