Indonesian President Joko Widodo adjusted his cabinet in a bid to boost an ailing economy, though analysts predicted the step would have little immediate impact on the resource-rich country’s fortunes.
Mr. Widodo, nearly 10 months into his first term, made six changes Wednesday to a cabinet of more than 30 officials, notably to bring in a respected former governor of Bank Indonesia, Darmin Nasution, to head the country’s economics team. His new trade minister will be Thomas Lembong, a presidential economic adviser and private-equity executive.
Mr. Nasution said his first priorities will include shoring up food supplies to ease inflation and attracting foreign investment. “We are lacking capital inflows. That’s why the rupiah is weakening,” he told reporters.
The cabinet reshuffle was a response to the slowdown in the global economy, presidential spokesman Teten Masduki said, adding that other moves could be in the offing.