Indonesia News: Inside Jakarta’s red light scene


Original Story: News.Com.AU
WARNING: Explicit

YOU will be forgiven for being confused: Under Indonesia’s Criminal Code adulterers can be jailed for nine months and in Aceh, they get publicly caned. Viewing pornography can get you a four-year prison sentence.

But amid the pungent canals of the nation’s 28 million person capital — the world’s largest Muslim-majority city — just about any shopping arcade has a “Massage House” where for $40 you can get a Cat Bath (being licked from head to toe by a sex worker) or a “no-hands” Super Breast Massage — where, yep, the sex worker uses her boobs to massage you — followed by intercourse.
And if you are somewhere near a five-star hotel in the North Jakarta or you know a Taipan, a highly connected member of the nation’s rich “untouchable” class, $500 can really get you going: Sex with a sex worker in a Pajero (a driver is included in the fee) or $700 will get you the same in a moving Range Rover.

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