Sihanoukville Travel Guide


    The InSeAsia Sihanoukville Travel Guide will help you find all the top places to visit when you travel to Cambodia. Sihanoukville is also known as ‘Kompong Rom and is a coastal city on the south-west of Cambodia. It is the capital city of the province of the same name. It sits on an elevated peninsula in the Gulf of Thailand. The coastline here is an unbroken string of beautiful beaches and coastal marshlands forming part of the Ream National Park. This is the country’s main seaside resort town, and is home to many bars, restaurants and hotels with a vibrant nightlife.

    What’s in the Sihanoukville Travel Guide?

    It’s packed with information for whether you are living in Cambodia or on one of the many tours that pass through.

    The city, coastline and a string of islands off the mainland have been responsible for the area’s development as a top destination and it is now where a sizeable part of Southeast Asia’s backpackers end up. The list of activities here is impressive; swimming and sunbathing seem to head the list, with trips to the islands, fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling also popular. In the town itself town, there are many themed restaurants and bars. Owners appear to come from all over the world, meaning you can drink and eat many different cuisines here.

    Many of the bars and beach restaurants stay open late at night, often until the last customer leaves. In addition to this informal arrangement many bars and all the casinos are open 24 hours per day. There are many spa centres, things to see and do and shopping centres.

    Local transport is inconsistent to say the least. There are no public buses nor licensed taxi drivers. All tuk tuks are unlicensed and drivers are unlikely to know the names of any of the streets in town. Service and price vary substantially. This is not Phnom Penh, even; it has a laid back sort of cowboy town feel to it.

    Use the Inseasia Sihanoukville Travel Guide to find out where to sleep, things to do and traps to avoid. It will help your stay in this small city be more enjoyable.