S. Ken’s Bistro

S. Ken’s Bistro is seated at the side of a beautiful lake, built by the late King Bhumibol, S. Ken’s Bistro is a clean modern style restaurant offering about 20 seats for air conditioned dining and a similar number for al fresco options. On this scorching day we chose to sit inside. From our table we could see a huge photo of the king and the lake, beyond the lake is a pretty mountain that provides the perfect backdrop. To the side of the restaurant is Khao Tao Temple. This setting is as Thai as it gets. There are pretty trees and flowering shrubs all around this area. It makes for a truly lovely setting,  this was a great find.

Ken is a Thai national with experience working all over the world. He has trained and worked in the UK, Doha, the Maldives and Switzerland. This has given him both a firm understanding of different cuisines and also a Western approach to service. 

And to the food

Signature Salad with Roast Duck

Photo by Robert Fretwell

Japanese pumpkin, a cream sauce and sesame seeds. What on the face of it looks like a caesar dressing holds a few surprises. 

Tomato, Black Olive and Parmesan Bruschetta

Photo by Robert Fretwell

Five portions of crisp toasted bread topped with a more than healthy covering of tomatoes and olives. Elegantly presented with a leaf salad. One of my favourite types of starter was very well done indeed. 

Chicken Kebabs with Sate sauce

Photo by Robert Fretwell

S. Ken’s Bistro presents a delightful version of one of my favourites. Four generous sate sticks presented with a spicy peanut sauce, just how I like it. The sauce was good and didn’t overpower the chicken but enhanced the flavour. 

Prawn Fresh Spring Rolls

Photo by Robert Fretwell

If you like this dish you’ll certainly like these. Ultra fresh and crisp, they were a great take on something that is a staple in Vietnam. 

Glazed Chicken Wings

Photo by Robert Fretwell

If only chicken wings were always like this. I get bored with them in so many places, but I would never get bored of these little beauties. An absolutely amazing glaze putting the shine on perfectly cooked wings. This was my favourite dish of the day.

Mozzarella cheese and pesto, wrapped in bacon, served with a Julienne of Granny Smith’s Apple and Balsamic vinegar

Photo by Robert Fretwell

I have to be honest I am not a fan of pesto, I never have been. So this is a hard one for me. They looked beautiful and seemed to be cooked spot on. I will though have to reserve judgement on a dish that simply is not to my taste. My associates on the day though, loved them.

Chicken Pad Sieu Yuu

Photo by Robert Fretwell

Flat noodles, with chicken, mixed vegetables and soy sauce. This is the restaurant’s own take on a classic smokey Thai favourite. This is a kind of Pad Thai  with a  much more smoked flavour. This was a fine example. 

This is yet another small venue here in the Hua Hin area that really deserves to succeed. Ken has created a restaurant built on style, quality and uniqueness. The simple cafe style decor belies the quality that comes out of the kitchen. I would heartily recommend this place to anyone visiting this part of Thailand. The ambience of this area is just wonderful. The lake creates the perfect backdrop and this restaurant is ideal for a light lunch or a more than pleasant evening dinner. 

Address: 13 /24 Hua Hin Soi 101

Tel: 092-464-6939

Email: [email protected]

Facebook” https://www.facebook.com/Kenbistro2016/

Open daily from 11:00am until 9:00pm.