BREAKING CAMBODIAN NEWS: PM’s son intends to be his successor


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s youngest son said Wednesday that he intends to succeed his father in the authoritarian Southeast Asian country’s top office, although he did not specifically mention his plans for the next general elections in July 2018.

During the broadcast of Vayo Radio’s Political and Social Forum program, Hun Many said his ambition was to become prime minister of Cambodia. “Becoming prime minister is my intention as well as [the intention] of other young people,” said the 33-year-old member of parliament who represents Kampong Speu province and is head of the country’s youth federation.

“The role of prime minister is not a position, but is a great honor to serve the country responsibly and to make sure to lead its direction and keep peace and maintain continued development,” he said.

In October, Hun Many was awarded the Gusi Peace Prize, given to honorees for their contributions to promoting peace and progress in society by the Manila-based Gusi Peace Prize Foundation. Some nongovernmental organization officers who work with young people in Cambodia said it’s easy and uncomplicated for Hun Many to dream of becoming prime minister compared to other young people who might aspire to reach the nation’s top office. His father dominates all centers of power in Cambodia, a country he has run for 30 years since he was installed by then occupier Vietnam.

“For Hun Many who is the son of the prime minister, his dream… may be influential for the masses because he is in a position or in an environment that is favorable for him to achieve it,” said Cheng Sokha, director of the Youth Resource Development Program based in Phnom Penh.