Inseasia on TV again: twice in one week


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It has been a great start to the year for the website with Inseasia on TV, twice within the space of a week. TV station VTC10 recorded and broadcast two shows starring me and the website. It was a great experience and one that has seen a boost in the number of hits to our site, likes on facebook and followers on Twitter.

Inseasia on TV for the second time in a week

The filming of this second show took place in Hatvala, a delightful tea and coffee shop at 52 Le Tha Ton, just off Hai Ba Trung. Inseasia would like to say a big thank you to Geoff Hopkins for allowing them to film in his beautiful tea room at the rear of the cafe. I would recommend readers to make a trip to Hatvala. Geoff is an expert on tea and sells some of the finest blends in the city. I’m more of a coffee man and again the cafe excels.

So the future is looking great for We are expanding and developing all the time. Apart from having Inseasia on TV, the new year has brought a new colour scheme to the site and a major rebuild is planned soon. We have had many requests to start doing our news headlines again and they will return very shortly. It is a handy way for you to keep up with the top news stories from the region, all in one place. Our weather map is proving to be a big hit and I can tell you that it will soon be expanded to cover Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

We hope to be based in new offices in District 1 within a month or so and will keep everyone posted on that. We have now started shooting a lot of video footage. The feedback is good from a few friends to whom we have shown the content. We will keep you up to speed regarding the youtube channel. Facebook continues to grow organically and we now have 8,000 likes, whilst Twitter has been a bit slower, we now have someone looking at that and hope to make progress there as well.

2016 was a slow year for Inseasia. I got bogged down doing things that I shouldn’t have been wasting time doing. However, it is now my full-time passion again and with the great guys that I have onboard, 2017 looks like being a very good year indeed. I hope you all like the changes and the developments. Getting Inseasia on TV on these two occasions has brought us to a new audience and it is nice to see so many Vietnamese people enjoying the site.

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