The Talent Dojo Launches in Vietnam

The Talent Dojo is rewriting the book on recruitment

The Talent Dojo is a new website and business based in Vietnam that launched on March 8th, 2017 and is promising to rewrite the book on recruitment and talent placement. The site is bright, bold and colourful and looks unlike other recruitment and placement sites. In a word, The Talent Dojo is, different. That is a deliberate ploy as their approach is also different. More than merely a listing site, these guys are really taking the legwork out of recruitment, for both employers and candidates. This is a site that is for both Vietnamese and English employers and employees.

Who’s behind The Talent Dojo?

The site is the brainchild of two guys from completely different backgrounds; a South African and a Norwegian. These are not your everyday corporate guys, in their own words, “The Talent Dojo is a collaboration between The South African and The Norwegian. The South African is not a Ninja. He loves the sun, did not grow up with lions in his back yard a spent most of his life running or cycling or swimming for stupid amounts of time. The Norwegian is not a Ninja either; well not for 7 days of the week. He likes to sail and to ski. As Norwegians do. But never at the same time.”

Together they combine their skills in business, customer service, sales, the power of digital and the desire to succeed.

The South African, “I believe that collaboration is the key to everything. I believe in ‘We’ and not ‘I’.”

The Norwegian, “I believe I can fly.”

The South African, “We believe WE can fly”.

I like these guys!

The Talent Dojo - Release Your Inner Ninja

Encouraging those looking for work to “release their inner Ninja” the Talent Dojo will help please the right people in the right jobs. At the same time, employers have a site on which to place an advert then sit back and wait for those “Ninjas” to turn up. Keeping costs low, The Talent Dojo is aiming for a high-volume, low-cost business model. It really is an economy of scale business. It is all about matching talent with talented businesses, in their words, matching business owners with Talent Ninjas. The bottom line is that they are making careers!

Anything that helps expats in the jobs market has to be a good thing. The expat community here in Vietnam is strong. However, I often meet extremely talented individuals who are either not in work or in a job that they are not enjoying. This, in turn, colours their view of the country. Matching the right person to the right job is not just good for business, it enhances one’s enjoyment of the Vietnamese experience. Let’s hope that The Talent Dojo goes on to create happy Ninjas, everywhere!

If you are looking for a new company to join where you grow your skills and use your experience to contribute, or are an employer looking to add new talent to your company, check out The Talent Dojo here.

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