British Paedophile deported from Cambodia


Robert Fruin, 38, former English teacher in Cambodia has been deported after serving 2 years in Cambodia. The Cambodian authorities deported Fruin after serving 2 years and had asked he completes the rest of his sentence in Cambodia. Robert Fruin was a former teacher at the Universal English school in Phnom Penh, but was arrested with one of the three brothers he had molested. He had molested three brothers aged 8,10 and 11.

He arrived at Heathrow Airport last month on a flight paid for by the taxpayer, where he was met by police officers and transferred straight to the prison yard to continue a yearlong sentence for possessing materials of child pornography.

A spokesman said, We wanted him out of the country because we feel there is a high risk that he will reoffend.

Fruin was arrested in the UK in 2005, and charged with 15 counts of producing indecent images of children, but he skipped bail, and fled the country. According to Action Pour Les Enfants in Cambodia, an anti-paedophile organisation, Fruin then spent seven years on the run in Africa and South East Asia before returning to Britain in 2012. On his return, he was re-arrested and sentenced to a year in prison, on completion of which he flew to Cambodia and immediately started work as a teacher in 2013 and was jailed shortly after.