The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge comes to Vietnam as one of its founders is tragically killed

Corey Griffin, the philanthropist instrumental in turning ALS Ice Bucket Challenge into a global event, sadly drowned on Thursday 21st August in a diving accident off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. It is sadly ironic that the man responsible for the throwing of so much water, should have his life cut short at the tragic age of 27, in water, and in probably the only place on earth that rhymes with bucket. Corey started the challenge after his friend Pete Frates was diagnosed with the terrible illness. Corey was described by his father as the “happiest man in the world.” News came in just before his untimely demise, that the fund he started for his had reached $100,000. ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also referred to as motor neurone disease is a fatal illness that affects millions worldwide.

Top Sports stars were soon taking part, revelling in the chance to nominate others.
There have been ice bucket challenges before of course but throw a few celebrities into the mix and get them to nominate others and this truly has become a global phenomenon. With top NFL and NBA players from the States, the big names from the English Premier League and top European stars, it was obviously going to get big.

David Beckham does his bit, and has a pretty impressive nominee list

Top Vietnamese stars take part

It had to happen, I suppose but this event has now taken off here in Vietnam. Actress Diem My 9x and singers Ho Vinh Khoa, singer Yen Trang and Ho Ngoc Ha, joined in the fun in something that is bound to sweep through Asia. The Thais for example, were never going to miss out on a chance to throw even more water. Anyone who has even seen Songkran will know how much they love it.

Actress Diem My 9x, great fun, what a girl!

Huge stars from the the world of music and light entertainment join in

Stars including Oprah, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen have done it, arguably the two biggest names on the internet Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg Also took part.

Bill Gates joined in with great humour and a sense of fun

The Award for the best one yet possibly goes to Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters whose hilarious Carrie spoof video really has raised the bar.

Dave Grohl and his chums, really raised the bar

Politics take a back seat as a former president joins in

We have even seen a former US President taking part, though the first Lady stole the show. George W Bush showed great sir it and again a sense of fun. He has challenge Bill Clinton, so no doubt soon we will have our second, leader of the free world.

President Bush gets what thousands would have paid to do

It’s a fun way of raising money, quite why it has caught on to such an extent is a mystery, but at the moment it shows little sign of losing momentum.