Facebook has been blamed for many things over the years but now it’s official. It can lead to divorce. Well at least in India it can. In Silchar High Court in the Northern Indian State of Assam, a woman has recently been granted a divorced from her husband on the grounds that he made her ”like” all of his comments on Facebook. Enraged by the fact that she was liking other comments from men in particular the husband got jealous, and insisted that she show him the same courtesy. So matter how stupid the post, he forced her to hit the like button every time.

It seemed the straw that broke the Yak’s back was when he posted a photoshopped pictured of Mamata Banerjee, the current chief minister of West Bengal. The image depicted her as wonder woman and this was a post too far for the woman. When she mentioned this is court the judge was enraged. Commenting that Ms. Banerjee was more like blunder woman than wonder woman he went on to add that what the man had done was a travesty for all sane people and showed no sensitivity. He went on to describe how, when he was in his formative years, Wonder Woman was his idol. He used to dream of being rescued from some tyrant or other by the girl with the big blue pants. “ Wonder Woman is a “superlady” while Mamata Banerjee is barely human, let alone super human,” he added.

The judge went on to say that the facebook like button carries with it great responsibility and no one should use it for nefarious purposes or without considering the consequences. Nobody should misuse the power that comes with it. He requested that the government be charged with drafting a charter offering comprehensive guidelines on the use of this powerful tool. I have to say at this point I am only thinking of one powerful tool and its the one sitting on the bench.

The woman won her case and was granted a divorce on the grounds of her husband’s outrageous behaviour. The judge sent them both away with a flea in their ear and instructed the two of them to stop being so introspective with their lives and to move on. I would recommend to the judge that he, actually starts to be a little more introspective. He certainly needs to take a good look at himself.

The footnote to this madness was that he also instructed the husband to removr the offending Wonder Woman image.