3 Amazing Things to Do in Saigon

Vespa Tours Night Tour. Photo Vespa Tours

Of all the things to do in Saigon, some of the more imaginative tours are the best. They show the city through the eyes of people who live here. Many tourists come and miss out on some of the best activities. Here are three tours that will show some really great food and drink. At the same time they’ll give you a sense of what it is like to live in one of Asia’s most vibrant cities.

Things to Do in Saigon: The Saigon Craft Beer Walk

Great beers in Amazing Venues. Photo: Eventbrite

Looking for things to do in Saigon? Then this is a great idea. If you like the idea of combining walking and sightseeing in a fabulous Asian city this is right up your street. Add into that, drinking amazing Craft beers, and it’s even better. In recent months the craft beer industry in Vietnam’s second city has grown exponentially. It is now a fully integrated part of the city’s entertainment industry.  The tour meets outside the McDonald’s on the edge of the backpacker district and moves round the heart of the city, taking in some of the city’s finest brew pubs.

First up, it’s Winking Seal, a lovely taproom set over four floors in an increasingly busy side street close to the starting point. They now have 8 fabulous beers on tap and are gaining a great reputation. They have one of the most drinkable stouts I’ve ever tasted. East West is a huge development on Ly Tu Trong behind the city’s famous Ben Thanh Market. Again they have a great selection of craft beers.  Malt is a homely pub, right in the heart of the best part of town. This is just like your local back home; cosy, stylish and serving many beers from the city’s top breweries. The tour rounds off at Heart of Darkness. These guys have gained an enviable reputation in a very short space of time. Quirky and fun, their taproom is a great place to be.

Looking for cool things to do in Saigon that won’t break the bank? The Saigon Craft Beer Walk costs just VND 1 million. You’ll get at least 10 beer samples and a light snack.

Things to Do in Saigon: Saigon Food Tours

Safety First with Saigon Food Tour Photo: Saigon Food Tour

Another great inclusion in a list of things to do in Saigon are the Saigon Food Tours. These come in various guises and there is something for everyone here. With titles like “Taste of the Night” Saigon by Night” and “Taste of the Morning” you are sure to find something to suit both your wallet and your palate. Saigon has an internationally recognised cuisine that is the envy of many cities around the world. Classic dishes like Pho, the wonderful light, aromatic beef noodle soup, have helped to raise the awareness of local food here. The tours are varied and concentrate on having fun, seeing the city and sampling some of its great cuisine.

With prices ranging between VND1 million and VND1.25 million these great tours won’t break the bank. They are an ideal addition to your itinerary of great things to do in Saigon.

Things to Do in Saigon: Vespa Adventure Tours

On the road with Vespa Tours

Vespa Tours have become part of the furniture here in Vietnam’s largest city. The orange bikes and matching crash helmets are a regular sight on the streets by day and night.  They do everything from sightseeing tours, to foodie tours to beer tours. Without doubt, the best way to experience Saigon is on the back of a motorbike. It’s the true Saigon experience and these guys have nailed it.

They drive safely and stick together taking groups of delighted holidaymakers around the town. It’s quite a sight when 30 Vespas suddenly all turn up at a local restaurant, bar or street food venue. They include coffee shops in their tours as well, a truly unique Saigon experience.

Other tours that they run include a full day trip into the Mekong Delta. Even many expats living here have never done the Mekong on a motorbike. This is delving into Vietnamese culture in a way that very few experience.