Trump lived in luxury as McCain languished in a war zone jail cell

Photo: GETTY
Photo: GETTY

Donald Trump sparked a firestorm of criticism and anger when he said that Senator John McCain was “not a war hero” at an event on Saturday.
Mr McCain spent more than five years as a high-profile prisoner of war in Vietnam, undergoing brutal torture and refusing to sign a confession that would have secured his release but also given a propaganda victory to the North Vietnamese.
Mr Trump questioned the idea that Mr McCain’s time in captivity made him a hero, saying “I like people that weren’t captured”.
A report in the Washington Post has revealed that while then-Lieutenant Commander McCain was suffering from disease, malnourishment, and a number of gruesome wounds in a bleak Vietnamese prison, Mr Trump was living a glamorous life at an Ivy League University and later in exclusive Manhattan nightclubs.
When Mr McCain’s plane was shot down over Hanoi during his 23rd bombing mission Mr Trump, nine years his junior, was studying the real estate business at Pennsylvania University’s esteemed Wharton School. He was able to avoid conscription through a series of student deferments, as well as a medical deferment for a bone spur in his foot.