Saigon Pool League Game week 20


Well the Saigon Pool League finally drew to its end of season conclusion on Thursday night. What a fantastic second season it has been and what an achievement for pool Supremo, Chris Lee. I would like to register my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Chris, he has dragged this league up from the ground and through some really difficult times to get it where it is. That he has done it at great financial cost and demand upon his time is testament to how passionate he is about the game.

Quite a lot was finally decided last night and some great pool threw up some shocks, certainly some gamesmanship, the usual D2 induced drama and some fantastic nights out. Well done though, for Sharks A who were the only team across the two divisions to finish the season unbeaten.

My new website website is growing exceptionally fast and taking up far too much of my time. The InSeAsia Facebook page Currently closing in on a staggering 8,000 likes, after just 4 weeks. As I keep saying, I am still looking for someone to write up the pool reports for next season. If anyone is prepared to step in and spend an hour per week getting the word out, I would really appreciate it, I am sure Chris Lee would be happy also. This is a great league and I am more than happy to do all I can to see it prosper. Anyone interested please either contact me by PM here, or get in touch with Chris at the league.

End Results mean:

Mekong Division: Delta Division:
Champions Red Dragon 1 Champions Red Dragon 2
Runners Up Sharks A Runners Up Hustlers
Third Drunken Duck Third Snipers
Wooden Spoon BMV 1 Wooden Spoon BMV2
Premier League Play-offs:
Thu’s Bar Misfits
Gigolos Assassins

Mekong Division

BMV 1 6 - 8 Bar 5
This bottom of the league battle to avoid the wooden spoon was an interesting affair. Bar 5 ran out winners on the night condemning BMV to the bottom spot. It was a close match, but once again BMV 1 fell just short.

Invalids 4 - 10 Gigolos
Also desperately trying to avoid the wooden spoon, Invalids entertained the Gigolos in District 1. The Gigolos proved far too strong here and secured their place in the play-offs. After a shaky start to the season the Gigolos have been going from strength to strength. They deserve their success.

Sharks A 9 - 5 Buddha Bar
For Sharks A it all went wrong last week when they drew with Thu’s Bar. This put them in a difficult position. apparently a group of players are returning to Red Bar for next season which is unfortunate. it is hoped this didn’t affect that result. It seems that a certain group will never be happy anywhere.  It will be interesting to see what happens for Sharks A despite the defection they have already registered a full team for next season. I wish them well.

Red Dragon 1 9 - 5 Thu’s Bar
Red Dragon 1 looked like being runners up for quite a stretch this season, but they came through in the end to take the spoils. Well done to Paul Gibson and his team. This was hellishly close though with the Dragons running out champions by just an 8 frames difference.

Team Played Win Draw Lose For Against +/- Points
Red Dragon 1 16 13 2 1 145 79 66 28
Sharks A 16 12 4 0 139 85 54 28
Drunken Duck 16 12 0 4 136 88 48 24
Gigolos 16 9 1 6 113 111 2 19
Thu’s Bar 16 7 4 5 114 98 16 18
Buddha Bar 16 4 0 12 100 124 -24 8
Invalids 16 3 1 12 80 144 -64 7
Bar Number 5 16 3 0 13 90 128 -38 6
BMV    1 16 2 2 12 79 139 -60 6

Delta Division

Assassins 8 - 0 BMV 2
Yet again BMV failed to field a full side, sending only 3 players to Harry Casual; and as one of those was unregistered, it turned into a whitewash. Still, you can’t expect BMV to know the rules, it is only week TWENTY after all. The walkover puts Assassins into the play – offs for the Premier League.

Misfits 6 - 8 Hustlers
Misfits simply had to win this tough match to give themselves a chance at finishing third. But it was not to be and in the event wouldn’t have mattered. They finish the league in 4th place and go into a play off with Assassins. A tight match, the Hustlers took it seriously which is all the more credit to them, having already secured 2nd spot.

Snipers 10 - 4 Sharks B
The Snipers needed to win this to clinch third place and promotion to next season’s Premier League. This was much tighter than the result suggests. At 5-4 it was starting to get a bit squeaky bum time, for the Snap Café outfit. However, they powered on to take the last 5 frames and guarantee their inclusion in the Premier League next season.

The Sugars 9 - 5 Red Dragon 2
With the Dragons already crowned as the new Champions the Sugars needed to win this stand a chance of a place in the play-offs; and win it they did. However with BMV yet again failing to field a full team, it is the Assassins that progress. One gets the impression, that had they needed to have won this, Red Dragon would have, and so having the Assassins progress is probably a fair reflection.

Team Played Win Draw Lose For Against +/- Points
Red Dragon 2 16 13 1 2 144 80 64 27
Hustlers 16 12 2 2 143 75 68 26
Snipers 16 7 6 3 128 96 32 20
Misfits 16 8 2 6 107 117 -10 18
Assassins 16 5 4 7 110 108 8 14
The Sugars 16 6 2 8 104 120 -26 14
Sharks B 16 5 1 10 93 131 -38 11
McSorleys 16 2 3 11 90 134 -44 7
BMV 2 16 3 1 12 77 135 -64 7