Chaos in District 2 as Truck Snaps in Half

The truck at the centre of the chaos.


The notorious Saigon traffic got a whole lot worse this afternoon when a container truck snapped in half on the Mai Chi Tho highway in District Two’s An Phu area. The traffic is pretty solid along this stretch at any time but rush hour tonight promises to be completely crazy as the authorities figure out how to shift this one.

The truck, designed to carry either one forty foot container or two twenty foots had only one twenty footer on board. Inexplicably it simply snapped in the middle, right under the switchback facing the Vista Apartments.

The truck at the centre of the chaos.

Traffic in the opposite direction on the Hanoi Highway was affected due to the Vietnamese favourite pastime of rubbernecking. Nobody appeared to have been injured, as the truck ground to a rather abrupt halt.

To be fair the police were on the scene relatively quickly, though there was not much they could do apart from try and direct traffic. No doubt the road will be affected for a few hours whilst they await heavy lifting gear. The Saigon Traffic will no doubt be a little worse than usual for the rush hour tonight.