A scene of complete devastation following the blast
Yesterday afternoon a huge explosion rocked District 12 causing severe damage. The site of the blast was a manufacturing company, but the blast also demolished many house in the vicinity. Many house were either completely collapsed or in a severe state of damage. The Dang Huynh Company was located at No.46, Street TA19, Thoi An Ward in District 12. Nothing remains but a pile of rubble.

Searching through the rubble, fire officers found traces of chemicals, yet to be identified according to senior lieutenant colonel Pham Van Hung who is vice head of the rescue office of Ho Chi Minh City Fire Prevention Department.

The explosion left a large crater about 3 metres across. The dead person was named as 19 year old Nguyen Thi Cam Tu. The four injured were aged 14, 30, 46 and 70. The two missing are named as: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thanh, aged 30 and Huynh Thi Tam, aged 36.