Sex and cake and rock n roll

Muay Maxim at the police station

Well here’s a turn up for the book. In Bangkok this week a girl went to a hotel room with a customer and claims that she was drugged. That she is a well known ‘sexy idol’ as the press reported, may have something to do with the publicity that she has garnered and the number of police officers involved. In another strange twist she claims that the man tried to flee but she held him forcibly, until her friends arrived, yet she has pressed charges against him for unlawful detention.

This is Thailand (TIT) is well known saying among the expat community in the country. There is a certain acceptance and weary resignation when things happen. Farangs (Westerners) just know that if it’s them against a Thai, when it comes to police matters, well TIT. This case has more than a sense of the bizarre about it.

The woman, Ms Pilawan Arirorb is better known by her nickname Muay Maxim, having graced the front cover of the well known magazine in 2010. She reported that she had been offered a job by a woman named Joy, some time previously. The job, she maintained, was simply to attend a birthday party, being held for a young businessman. All the assignment entailed was holding a birthday cake. On June 7th she turned up at the venue and was greeted by a group of 5 or 6 men. There was no cake. She decided to stay and talk and was offered a glass of “alcoholic beverage”. She went outside to smoke a cigarette and immediately felt dizzy. She claimed the next thing she remembers, is waking up in a hotel room, wearing nothing but her underwear. Also in the room was a man called Mr. Got.

This is where the plot gets interesting. As she phoned her friends Mr. Got got ready to flee, but she prevented him from doing so, until her friends arrived. There is no mention made as to wether Mr. Got got more than she says he got. But somehow she got Got to stay. Now the police have got Got and intend to make sure, Mr. Got gets what he deserves.

A few years ago two friends of mine picked up two girls from Nana Plaza and took them back to their hotel room for some fun and games. They made the stupid mistake of telling the girls that they were leaving in the morning, as this was the last night of their holiday. They had beer in the fridge and invited the girls to crack a few open. The next thing they both remembered was waking up in their room with no money, no phones, no cameras and no girls. The police were called, showed very little interest (well prostitution doesn’t exist in Thailand, you know) and took the guys’ names and offered to drive them to the airport.

So here we have two cases. One where two men claim they were drugged and robbed of everything and woke up in a hotel room, and another where a girl claims to have been drugged and woke up in a hotel room, with nothing missing other than her pride. We can now expect the police to investigate this alleged crime with all the intensity and vigour that they employed investigating the case involving two men.