Christ the King Statue


    The Christ the King Statue is the most famous of attractions in Vung Tau on the south coast of Vietnam. It is extremely well known throughout the whole of Southeast Asia.

    The Christ the King Statue stands 105 ft high, made to look higher by standing on a plinth that is a further 13 ft tall. There is a staircase inside it carrying tourists to the top, this has 133 steps. The statue’s outstretched arms are 60ft wide. It stands atop Mount Nho facing out to sea and was built by the Vietnamese Catholic Association in 1974.

    Vung Tau is just a short 90 minute hydrofoil ride from Ho Chi Minh City, and has developed into a very popular weekend getaway for the city’s middle class. The giant Christ the King Statue is easy to find. As you disembark from the hydrofoil, turn right on Vung Tau’s main road, Ha Long. As the road reaches the end of the peninsula it changes its name to Thuy Van. On the left hand side of the road is the entrance.

    The hike up the hill to the base of the Christ the King Statue takes about 30 minutes. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes, this is hard going. The steps to the summit are quite awkward. The treads vary in height which adds to the difficulty. There are however, several places to rest on the way. Carry water and rehydrate, the views are phenomenal.