Aranyaprathet is a very strange little place on the Eastern border with Cambodia. It is little more than just a simple border crossing and has developed into the busiest crossing for Cambodia. Hundreds of vehicles arrive every day carrying holiday makers and expats rushing to get that all important visa stamp in their passports. The border is only 6 miles to the east of the main part of the town. Though it is the crossing in itself that has grown in prominence.

    At the crossing you‚Äôll find Rongkleu Market. Almost like a scene from Mad Max, this is a dust bowl in the dry season and a mud bath in the wet. There are dozens of banks, cafes, convenience stores and money exchangers. Buses and taxis queue up to fleece gullible tourists, to take them to Siam Reap for a ‚Ä?special price‚Äô. This is easily the worst place for tourists to get scammed. On the Cambodian side is Poipet and this is even worse. In the no man‚Äôs land in between there are many casinos and some very dubious other establishments.

    There is a free bus that shuttles passengers between the border crossing and the town centre, where travellers can book transport to Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi International Airport. There really is not a lot more to say about this place.

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