Italian Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City

Italian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City have been around for many years. There are firmly established among the cities culinary alternatives. The history of Italian cooking goes back as far as mankind. It changed significantly in the 18th century. As the New World was discovered so ingredients such as tomatoes and peppers, now significant in Italian Cuisine, were introduced. The main characteristic of great Italian cooking is its simplicity. The food relies on high quality fresh ingredients.

Original dishes were very regionalised, hence the names of so many, Bolognese, Siciliano and Napoletana for example. As travel become easy so the dishes spread throughout the country.

The Spread of Italian Food in Ho Chi Minh City

The opening of the spice route brought travel between Asia and Europe. As spices headed West, other ingredients and of course people, headed East. There has been a long history of Italian settlement in the region. Italians love great food and wine and it is not surprising that there is now great Italian food in Ho Chi Minh City.

Pizzas of course are great on the hoof. There are not many better foods for travellers than Pizza. It’s the perfect grab and go food, enjoyed by millions and available in all big cities throughout the world. High class Italian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City are also present as is just about everything in between. The city is well served with Italian cuisine.

Italian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City: From 5 Star Hotels to back street diners

The high end hotels are often great places to find really exceptional Italian food. However for many, the more trattoria style restaurants in tiny side streets can provide a better experience. The fact is, Ho Chi Minh City is well served in most styles of restaurant and most foreign cuisines as well. Italian cuisine is strongly represented and diners should have little problem finding their favourite style.

Use our guide to find the better restaurants in town. Dining is such a large part of a holiday experience. You don’t want to spend hours searching for good restaurants. Some of the very best in the city can be found here.
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