Attractions in Vung Tau

The Vung Tau Buddhist Temple

Thich Ca Phat Dai meaning the Platform of Shakyamuni Buddha is a famous Theravada Buddhist temple in the delightful coastal city of Vung Tau on the southern coast of Vietnam. It can be found northwest of the Lon Mountain and was constructed over two years, opening in 1963. It is built on a large plot […]

Christ the King Statue

The Christ the King Statue is the most famous of attractions in Vung Tau on the south coast of Vietnam. It is extremely well known throughout the whole of Southeast Asia. The Christ the King Statue stands 105 ft high, made to look higher by standing on a plinth that is a further 13 ft […]

The Whale Temple Vung Tau, Lang Ong Nam Hai

The Whale Temple or Lang Ong Nam Hai as the locals know it is one of the few attractions in Vung Tau on Vietnam’s Southern coast. Vung Tau is a sleepy resort by day though it does liven up somewhat at night. The Whale Temple is an unusual little temple with a quaint history. At […]