Dutch Investigators say Missile that brought down Malaysia Airlines flight fired from separatist-held territory

The Kremlin has denied responsibility for the MH17 tragedy.

Dutch authorities leading the investigation into the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are convinced combatants based in the pro-Moscow separatist enclave of Donetsk were operating the missile system that killed all 298 people on board last year. The Chief Public Prosecutor of the Netherlands, Fred Westerbecke, told 7.30 evidence gathered included satellite imagery, intercepted phone calls and mobile phone footage. “The most likely scenario is that a BUK missile fired from [separatist-held] eastern Ukraine downed MH17,” he said.

United States and Ukrainian officials have repeatedly said there was little doubt the missile system used in the attack was driven to Ukraine from Russia, and then driven back after MH17 crashed into a field outside the town of Grabovo. “It’s pretty clear that this is a system that was transferred from Russia,” secretary of state John Kerry told US media.

“There is an enormous amount of evidence.”