Thailand ranked 72nd in list of ease of travel

How easily can Thai passport holders travel to other parts of the world compared to the citizens of other countries? The answer lies in the annual Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, which placed Thailand at 72nd in the survey this year. The Thai passport gives its holder the right to enter 69 countries visa-free, putting them in 72nd position of 219 countries or territories in the recently launched survey. Department says 69 countries are open to those who travel with an official passport, while ordinary passports can only get the holder into 28 countries with no need to apply for a visa.  The ranking is based on the number of countries which have visa-free access to other countries in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association.  German and UK passports were in first place as holders can enter 173 countries with a no-visa requirement, while the Afghanistan passport was ranked last with only 25 countries available.