Indonesia turns to chemical castration for sex offenders

Chemical castration of child sex offenders would be authorised soon through a presidential directive [Reuters]

Indonesia will start chemically castrating convicted paedophiles as a punishment added to jail terms in an effort to combat an alarming rate of child sex abuse, the country’s state prosecutor said. “(It) will make people think a thousand times before committing such crimes,” Attorney-General Muhammad Prasetyo said late on Tuesday after the move was agreed at a cabinet meeting led by President Joko Widodo. “This crime is extraordinary and there have been so many victims,” Prasetyo added. Government data show that child abuse cases had jumped from 2,178 cases in 2011 to 5,066 cases in 2014.

Prasetyo said the punishment would be authorised soon through a presidential directive, which means it will automatically become law without parliament having to vote on it. It would be carried out by injecting paedophiles with female hormones that would reduce sex drive, he said. Indonesia is joining a small group of places that use chemical castration against child sex offenders, including Poland and some states in the US.