Thai Police to claim their own reward

Thailand’s police chief has announced that he will give an $83,000 (£53,793) public reward to his own men after they apprehended a suspect in the deadly bombing at Bangkok’s Erwan Shrine. Somyot Pumpanmuang said the officers deserved it as there had been no public tip-off to help them. The 17 August blast, which the government called the worst such attack in Thailand, killed 20 people. One man has been arrested, and warrants have been issued for two other people.

It is not clear if the unnamed man detained by the police is the chief suspect in the attack. Police have said they do not believe he is the man seen in CCTV footage at the shrine just before the explosion. Police say the suspect under arrest is a 28-year-old foreigner and that bomb materials were found at his home. Police chief Pumpanmuang said that the Thai police should be credited for capturing the suspect. “The accomplished work that led to the arrest is truly the work of the authorities and their investigative abilities. “This was the work of the Thai authorities, there were no tip-offs,” he added. Police have issued warrants for a 26-year-old Thai woman, Wanna Suansan, and an unnamed foreign man.

  • Somchai Hermann Quint

    He gives 1 million Baht of his Own money, 1 million from a friend and another million from a businessman (both don’t want to appear public)! I think that is no Tea Money. He gives a reward to the guys doing the work. It was not official announced that this money is from the rewards issued for tips catching the Bangkok bomber. Sometimes you get different information if you watch Thai News in Thai Language.