Saigon Pool League Game week 19

Saigon Pool League Game week 19

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Amazing games and great tension in the leagues and the knockout cup this week saw, Snipers move into 3rd place, Red Bar 2 win the cup and left everything up for grabs in the Mekong Division. The Saigon Pool League was the big winner this week. Great fun, great pool and many happy bar owners reporting excellent business!
An amazing night at Harry Casuals saw the Assassins, the Gigolos, Snipers and Red Dragon 1 all having a grand old time. Two amazing matches there as well.

Knockout Cup Final

Red Dragon 2 8 - 7 Hustlers
By all accounts the Knockout Cup Final was an astonishing affair. It was neck and neck all night and went right to the wire. Played at BMV in District 2, both teams played exceptional pool. Red Dragon went 5-2 up only for the Hustlers to fight back to 5-5 after the doubles. They then continued the comeback going into a 7-6 lead only for the Dragons to win the final two doubles frames to win the match and the cup. Amazing stuff from two of the best teams in the league. Well done Red Dragon 2 and commiserations to the Hustlers. Pool was the winner here.

Mekong Division

Drunken Duck 11 - 3 Buddha Bar
The Ducks, already confirmed in third place, played out their last game of the season and won it in style against a Buddha Bar team who are in my opinion, better than their league form suggests. Early season problems were ironed out as John Campbell took over the captaincy and certainly galvanized his team. The Ducks though are a great side and they won this easily.

Invalids 9 - 5 BMV 1
Two teams struggling at the lower end of the table met at Emergency Room. The Invalids were left wondering whether the leagues most, (shall we say, enigmatic team) would turn up or not. BMV have been the perennial problem outfits this season, with internal politics, owners’ arguments, captains quitting and mass walk-outs. Come on guys, it’s a pool game! Invalids took this one fairly comfortably to move ahead of BMV in the league.

Sharks A 7 - 7 Thu’s Bar
All the Sharks had to do was win this to stay in the box seat, but Thu’s Bar were having none of it. An enthralling match at Game On, everything was going Sharks way, leading 7-2 they lost the last singles match to go into the doubles 7-3 down. Then things got interesting, Thu’s Bar simply blew them away in the doubles 4 nil to claim an astonishing point, and leave Sharks’ season possibly in Tatters.

Gigolos 5 - 9 Red Dragon 1

Red Dragon 1 doubles guys discuss strategy

In a packed room at Harry Casual the Gigolos gave the Dragons a great game. The Dragons never really looked like losing to be fair but this was a terrific game played in the right way by two excellent teams. The Gogolos have certainly made some friends this season, with their approach of turning up in numbers and having a great time. The win took Red Dragon Top.

Team Played Win Draw Lose For Against +/- Points
Red Dragon 1 15 12 2 1 136 74 62 26
Sharks A 15 11 4 0 130 80 50 26
Drunken Duck 16 12 0 4 136 88 48 24
Thu’s Bar 15 7 4 4 109 89 20 18
Gigolos 15 8 1 6 103 107 -4 17
Buddha Bar 15 4 0 11 95 115 -20 8
Invalids 15 3 1 11 76 134 -58 7
BMV    1 15 2 2 11 73 131 -58 6
Bar Number 5 15 2 0 13 82 122 -40 4

Delta Division

Chris Lee breaks of for the Snipers

Assassins n 7 - 7 Snipers
The Snipers had to get at least a point here to move into third spot, but it was the Assassins who took the early initiative. In fact Snipers never led here and played catch up all night. Moving into the doubles at 5-5 it was again the Assassins who moved ahead but the Snipers held their nerve to sink the final black and claim that much needed draw.

Team Played Win Draw Lose For Against +/- Points
Red Dragon 2 15 13 1 1 139 71 68 27
Hustlers 15 11 2 2 135 69 66 24
Snipers 15 6 6 3 118 92 26 18
Misfits 15 8 2 5 101 109 -8 18
The Sugars 15 5 2 8 95 115 -20 12
Assassins 15 4 4 7 102 108 -6 11
Sharks B 15 5 1 9 89 121 -32 11
McSorleys 16 2 3 11 90 134 -44 7
BMV 2 15 3 1 11 77 127 -50 7
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