Saigon Pool League Game week 18

Saigon Pool League Game week 18

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Well people, the new website has exceeded my wildest dreams. The Facebook page is getting 500 - 600 new likes per DAY! As I mentioned last week I am still looking for someone to write up the pool reports for next season. If anyone is prepared to step in and spend an hour per week getting the word out, I would really appreciate it, I am sure Chris Lee would be happy also. This is a great league and I am more than happy to do all I can to see it prosper. Anyone interested please either contact me by PM here, or get in touch with Chris at the league.

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More great matches in the Saigon Pool League again this week. Loads of fun, great pool and the bars reporting excellent business. Well done all round, give yourselves a pat on the back. All except BMV who appear to have imploded. The owners there could argue with an empty house, and people asked why I didn’t want to captain them this season.

Next season will see the start of the Monday night 9-ball league. This is a fun game where lucky shots count and should be a great way for lesser players to get involved with the better ones, in a game where there is always a chance of a win. When I played in Bangkok, the 9-ball became bigger nights than the 8-ball. It is great fun.

One thing was settled last night, the New Delta League Champions are Red Dragon 2. Well done guys, an amazing season.

The table at the Drunken Duck, a great pool venue

Delta Division

BMV 2 0 - 8 Hustlers
match forfeited.

Sharks B 9 - 5 McSorleys
McSorleys have made a lot of friends this season. They are a great bunch and play with tremendous spirit. It can be argued that they never seem to get the rub of the green. They have lost a lot of very tight games this season. Hopefully it will stand them in good stead for next. Sharks got off to a flyer and were 4-1 up at the first break. That had done the damage and although it was pretty even after that they came out winners.

Misfits 5 - 9 Red Dragon 2
The Misfits faced a tough battle if they were going to keep up the pressure on the Snipers in the battle for third place. With the Snipers failing to capitalise the Misfits also misfired, though against the best team in the league, the new Champions Red Dragon 2.

The Sugars 8 - 6 Snipers
The Snipers needed to win this to put themselves in the driving seat for third place. It was not to be though. Despite sending out their strongest team, they were felled by an inspired performance from the Sugars. On their own patch these girls are a formidable opposition.

Team Played Win Draw Lose For Against +/- Points
Red Dragon 2 15 13 1 1 139 71 68 27
Hustlers 15 11 2 2 135 69 66 24
Misfits 15 8 2 5 101 109 -8 18
Snipers 14 6 5 3 111 85 26 17
The Sugars 15 5 2 8 95 115 -20 12
Assassins 14 4 3 7 95 101 -6 11
Sharks B 15 5 1 9 89 121 -32 11
McSorleys 16 2 3 11 90 134 -44 7
BMV 2 15 3 1 11 77 127 -50 7

Mekong Division

Invalids 4 - 10 Sharks A
Sharks A proved far too strong for the guys from Emergency Room. They had to win to keep up the pressure at the top and they did it in style trotting out 10-4 winners on the night. The Invalids have proved to be good sports this season and everyone hopes they will improve and enjoy next term even more.

Red Dragon 1 9 - 5 Bar 5
Red Dragon 1 gave themselves a sporting chance of catching the from Sharks A team, with just two games left. It is going to be hard for them, but if they had lost here, that would have been just about game over. The league has been very competitive though, it remains to be seen how things will turn out.

Team Played Win Draw Lose For Against +/- Points
Sharks A 14 11 3 0 123 73 50 25
Red Dragon 1 14 11 2 1 127 69 58 24
Drunken Duck 15 11 0 4 125 85 40 22
Thu’s Bar 14 7 3 4 102 82 20 17
Gigolos 14 8 1 5 98 98 0 17
Buddha Bar 14 4 0 10 92 104 -12 8
BMV    1 14 2 2 10 68 122 -54 6
Invalids 14 2 1 11 67 129 -62 5
Bar Number 5 15 2 0 13 82 122 -40 4
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