People’s Committee Building

    The People’s Committee Building in night

    Standing proud at the top of Nguyen Hue is the Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee Building, sometimes referred to Ho Chi Minh City Hall, it was formally the Hotel De Ville de Saigon. It was erected between 1902 and 1908 but changed use and name at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

    The People’s Committee Building at night

    It is one of the most iconic buildings in Ho Chi Minh City but one that the authorities don’t like photographed from close up, sadly. It is ok to photograph it from across the street but get too close and the armed guards will ask you to move on. It has just about the most prominent locations is the whole of the city. In front there is a garden with a new statue of the city’s most famous son “Uncle” Ho Chi Minh. The while of Nguyen Hue, the prestigious thoroughfare that runs from the building right down to the riverfront underwent a massive reconstruction in 2015 and is now a focal point for thousands of Vietnamese in the early evenings.

    Since the reconstruction of Nguyen Hué thousands of local people pour into the area at night. They come to watch the fountains, stroll around and look at one of the favourite landmarks, The People’s Committee Building. The investment from the government has been incredibly successful. Nguyen Hué is the focal point of the whole city. The trees that have been planted, the paved areas ad the whole style of the boulevard is spectacular.

    When the work on the new underground is completely this area will be even better. When viewed from the Riverfront this present one of the finest views in the entirety of Ho Chi Minh City.” The People’s Committee Building is the icing on the cake really, a magnificent building in a magnificent location.