Suoi Tien Theme Park


    Not one of the immediate attractions in Ho Chi Minh City to spring to mind. Suoi Tien Theme Park is well outside the city centre in the fast developing area fo District 9. The park opened in 1995 and has several entertainment areas. It is much loved by the local people of Ho Chi Minh City as it is based around many local legends. Most attractions in Ho Chi Minh City are aimed at the tourist trade, but sometimes it is these more local targets that can be the most enjoyable. This is quite a must-see landmark for the locals and the travel from all over the city to visit.

    The legends that are celebrated here include Au Co and Lac Long Quan as well as the Mountain and River Gods, Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh and the battle that they fought. There is a dinosaur garden that the children always enjoy and an artificial seawater swimming pool.

    The Tien Dong beach here is obviously a man-made beach featuring a large waterfall in which the face of an emperor has been carved. The park is a riot of colour and Vietnamese exuberance, huge dragons painted of amazing pastel shades, soft red statues of the Buddha and lush green gardens abound. In addition to all the normal theme park attractions in  Ho Chi Minh, the park boasts a zoo.

    Never being the easiest attraction in Ho Chi Minh City to get to, The Suoi Tien Theme Park is set to see an increase in tired as it will be a major station stop on the new Rapid Light Transport System that is being built here.

    Suoi Tien Theme Park is one of the good tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City and is well worth a visit for anyone taking a holiday in Vietnam.