Jimmy White in Saigon: special VIP evening in D2

Jimmy White

Jimmy White in Saigon! This is your chance to spend an evening with one of the true sporting greats.

Five years ago, I was firmly established in the bar scene of Bangkok; loving life and living it to the full. A phone call from a friend informed me that Jimmy White (in most people’s opinion the greatest player never to have won the world title) was coming to town. It caused quite a stir. Anyone of a certain age that has ever watched snooker knows that this is the snooker equivalent of Bruce Springsteen . . .This is the boss.

Jimmy duly arrived and was booked for an evening of gripping and grinning, posing and playing. He exceeded everyone’s expectations. Quite frankly he was brilliant. He arrived about an hour before he was due, posed for photos, signed autographs and eventually hit the table. On the table he provided the most entertaining night I can remember. He played 44 games against the best that Bangkok had to offer and he won 40. I can honestly say hand on heart that he gave me the most memorable night of pool in my life . . .I was one of the four that beat him.

Keith Hancock & Jimmy White in Bangkok

Jimmy is a complete gentleman, the perfect image of a gentleman snooker player and just a damned good bloke. So, Jimmy White in Saigon? What is this all about?

Jimmy White in Saigon District 2

Well Jimmy White in Saigon is happening! In what has to be described as the coup of the year, somehow Chris Lee has managed to land him for a superb VIP dinner at 6.30pm on Friday June 17th at Evita Bistronomie, 230 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien, in District 2. This is a small, intimate venue that offers just 80 people the chance to get up close and personal with one of the best characters in British sport. Top food from one of the city’s most recognised restaurateurs (Camargue, Vascos, Blackout, Delices & Cava). Tickets are for two people and the all inclusive price will get the lucky owners a 3 course dinner that includes Fillet Steaks, coffee and a bottle of wine on the table. A signed, hardback copy of “Second Wind”, Jimmy’s latest autobiography and a framed photo with the man himself.

Jimmy White

On the night, Jimmy will also be playing an exhibition match with current Vietnam Champion of Champions, Luong Chi Dung. I honestly cannot recommend this event more. You will not be disappointed.

Champion of Champions, Luong Chi Dung

Tickets numbers are limited to 40 and are priced at VND 3,9 million (two people). For your chance to see Luong Chi Dung and Jimmy White in Saigon, contact Chris Lee by phone or text on: 01204560263 in the first instance or emailing [email protected]

Don’t miss out on this once only chance.

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