THAI NEWS: Weird fish caught by Thai Fishermen


Fishermen were left stunned when they caught this bizarre creature of the deep during a fishing trip in Thailand. Video captured aboard the boat shows the large fish writhing around after it was captured in the fishermen’s net. With razor-sharp teeth and a pale, eel-like body, footage of the animal has now gone viral, leaving viewers baffled as they attempt to guess what species it could be.

In the clip, the fish can be seen squirming and even clamping its gasping jaws around the stick. Despite being pulled from the sea, the fish survives the ordeal, opening its mouth each time it is poked by the crew aboard the boat.

Just days earlier, fishermen had a shock when they caught an extremely rare deepwater shark in a Japanese village. The five-metre megamouth shark was snared on Friday in fishing nets five kilometres from the Owase Port in Mie Prefecture, Central Japan. Images show the fishermen holding open the enormous jaws of the deep sea dweller, which weighed a ton. The elusive shark was bought by a local fish monger and shipped outside the prefecture.