Tabalong Ethnic Festival IV

Tabalong Ethnic Festival IV

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The Fascinating Tabalong Ethnic Festival IV takes place from 11th to 14th February 2015 in the Tabalong Regency, South Kalimantan Province on the island of Borneo. This amazing festival highlights the unique culture of Dayak and Banjar ethnic groups from Kalimantan. The festival carries the theme “The Beauty of Tabalong”, and the event will showcase the enchanting cultural features of Tabalong, the land known as “Saraba Kawa” which means ‘Capable of Everything’. The event features a film festival, a cultural carnival, a Dayak Deah special exhibition, traditional art performances, and a much more.

Tabalong Festival

The Tabalong Ethnic Festival kicks off with a cultural fashion carnival on 11th February 2015, commencing from the stadium complex it will go all the way to the Tanjung Town Park. The carnival is open to the public and participants of all ages. There will also be a competition for participants who are encouraged to wear Dayak’s distinct traditional clothes and any other of the cultural attractive costumes.

The Tabalong regency is situated about 270 km from Banjarmasin. This is the capital city of South Kalimantan Province. The regency carries the optimistic motto of “Saraba Kawa” which when loosely translated means ‘capable of everything’. This philoshopy is built on three principles, namely: Kawa Baucap (capable of speaking), Kawa Manggawi (capable of doing) and Kawa Manyandang (capable of being responsible for one’s deeds). These three principles are the bedrock of Tabalong society. They are the a philosophy and principles that characterise the people of Tabalong.

The Tabalong region of Borneo is also where you can explore the Gunung Batu Babi Cultural Site and Batu Buli Cave. The cave is located in the Bukit Batu Buli mountain, which at at 6830 feet is one of the highest in the state of Sarawak. This is a famous prehistoric archaeological site where in 1991 a fossil of a 6,000 years old prehistoric man was found along with some of his tools and accessories. Sarawak is home to the largest and most extensive cave system on Earth. It has amazing mountains and cliffs which remain unvisited by most climbers. Some are famous throughout the world whilst others are only known locally. It is strongly advised that you do not wander into caves unaccompanied. It is imperative that you use a local guide.

The Tabalong Ethnic Festival is a perfect excuse to visit this fascinating part of Malaysia. Borneo has much to offer the visitor, taking in an ethnic festival of this kind, is a great way to dip ones toes into the culture of an area.

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