The poster read, an evening of gourmet sausages and Wines. I needed to check this out. I have always liked Evita in District 2 but since their recent renovation it has taken on an even better ambience. This is one of my favourite spaces in the city now.

They were not shy with the free wine
They were not shy with the free wine

Owner Alexander Egert has created a wonderfully eclectic space with a great taste in music. Some evenings I am happy to sit in here and just listen to music that I have never heard before.

The fixtures and fittings include a baby grand
The fixtures and fittings include a baby grand

The bar is a quirky European style bar with great artwork and decor. The ceiling decorations are the mats that they use for drying rice paper in the Mekong Delta. There are two pool tables and a great menu. This is a place that is on the up.

A night of gourmet sausages and wines
Quirky artwork including one of my favourites from Rene Magritte

This evening was put on in conjunction with Artisan Fine Food Company Limited. Announced as an evening presenting a banquet of Artisan Gourmet Sausages and Wines it was more than just an interesting respite from the usual District 2 social life.

A night of gourmet sausages
Evita Bar; one of the best in town

Six different gourmet sausages were prepared and presented on the night. The arrived two at a time, complimented by finger food also available.

Gourmet Sausages presented on the night

Smoked Hungarian

I quite liked these. Made with both beef and pork these are naturally smoked and were first presented in manila in the Philippines. Other ingredients include marjoram, paprika, ginger, onion powder, garlic and cognac

French Andouille

A famous French pork sausage that is seasoned with garlic and thyme, cayenne, black and white pepper. Quite pleasant, they are lightly smoked.

Gourmet Sausages
First up were the Smoked Hungarian and French Andouille

Jack’s Cheese 

The unfortunately named American sausage created by the founder of FilFresh, Jack Clark. I was not a fan, consistency of a much cheaper frankfurter.

Smoked Pepperoni 

These were pretty good but more like a slightly spiced sausage than a genuine pepperoni. They were a little too soft in consistency for me. Similarly spiced as the chorizo, they lacked the punch.


This famous sausage from Switzerland was a bit of a surprise and not an unpleasant one. White wine is used among the flavourings to create a smooth consistency of the beef and pork.

Smoked Chorizo. 

This hot and spicy little number was  one of the best on the night for my taste. Oak smoked, it is unsurprisingly Artizan’s biggest seller. Cayenne peeper, paprika, nutmeg and carom seeds flavour the pork mixture.

gourmet sausages
Swiss Schueblig and the Smoked Chorizo from Spain

It was great evening thanks to the hospitality and generosity of the hosts. The gourmet sausages were very good though the consistency lacked a bit of ‘bite’ for my personal taste. I like a sausage with a bit more substance to it. But they are as good as I’ve had in Vietnam.