World’s Top 10 Airlines List Contains 3 Local Carriers

Singapore Airlines featured in the World's Top 10 Airlines list
Not Surprisingly Singapore Airlines featured in the World's Top 10 Best Airlines list

A huge survey carried out across eight countries has placed three of the region’s national carriers in the World’s Top 10 Airlines. The survey took information from 11,273 respondents to create the list. Singapore Airlines came in 5th place, Thai Airways International at number 7 and Vietnam Airlines came joint 9th. This is great news for the region’s national carriers but not so good for Jetstar, which came 73rd and last. Passengers from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain responded. This was a thorough survey to find the World’s Top 10 Airlines.

Vietnam Airlines in the World's Top 10 Airlines
Great to see Vietnam Airlines featured

The survey was carried out by “Choice” and 10 other consumer groups. It covered such things as value for money, punctuality, check in, comfort, boarding, treatment by staff, meals, and safety. The Dubai based carrier, Emirates, came out on top which is another plus as it is a major carrier of customers to Southeast Asia. Each airline was scored out of a possible 10 points. The full list of the World’s Top 10 Airlines is as follows:

World’s Top 10 Airlines Rated by Choice

(scored out of 10)

1. Emirates 8.29

2. Avianca  8.17

3. Qatar Airlines 8.15

4. Luxair  8.1

5. Singapore Airlines 8.1

6. Azul Brazilian 8.08

7. Thai Airways International 8.02

8. Cathay Pacific 7.94

9. TAROM  7.79

10. Vietnam Airlines 7.79

Thai Airways International in the World's Top 10 Airlines
Thai Airways International also in the top 10

Jetstar, the budget carrier owned and operated by Quantas, immediately lashed out at the survey and the group that ran it, Choice. Jetstar’s main complaint was that Choice had not included ratings of their rivals Tiger Airways. It seems to me that moaning that you could have been next to last instead of just last, is not a great marketing strategy. Delays, seem to be the biggest gripe among their passengers. One in three said their flights were delayed, the average delay being almost four hours.

Jetstar finishes in a disappointing 73rd place
Jetstar responded angrily

But for passengers entering the region on Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International and Vietnam Airlines, this is great news. Millions each year choose these three carriers. They will be delighted to do so knowing that they are flying with one of the World’s Top 10 Airlines.